History (Regarding Stone Quality)

Powell Clayton and associates chose the 27 acre site, where the Crescent Hotel would be built. The architect was Isaac Taylor of Eureka Springs Improvement Co. and the Frisco Railroad.

Special wagons were constructed to transport the huge pieces of magnesium limestone from the quarry site in Elk City to the building site. Due to the density of this special stone, the precision necessary in cutting and fitting, a group of specialists from Ireland was brought here to assist and advise in construction. Mr. O'Shawnessy, the spokesman and leader of the imported group, was interviewed by this reporter before his return to Ireland. He recalled that, "Throughout the many years of his stone working career he has never encountered a stone with such density and quality as 'White River Limestone'." He predicts it will become a popular building stone in the future and further stated that because of it's unique characteristics the 18" thick walls of the Crescent, fitted without the use of mortar, would withstand the destructive forces of time and retain it's original beauty for years to come.

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